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You can click on each link below to access all the contents on this site. Welcome To Electrical Vybs: The Instructional Technology Blog Contact Information Target Audience and Lesson Plan What is Instructional Technology? Instructional Technology: Audio Visuals Instructional Technology Resources: Posters, Worksheets and Powerpoint Documentation Social Network Usage Online Resources: Useful Websites and Additional... Continue Reading →

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Facebook "Facebook is a social networking website and service where users can post comments, share photographs and links to news or other interesting content on the Web, play games, chat live, and stream live video. You can even order food with Facebook if that's what you want to do. Shared content can be made publicly accessible, or it can... Continue Reading →

What is Instructional Technology?

What is Instructional Technology? According to the Association of Educational Communications and Technology, "Instructional Technology is the theory and practice of design, development, utilization, management, and evaluation of processes and resources for learning (Seels & Richey, 1994)." The term Instructional Technology and Educational Technology are generally considered synonymous. "Educational technology is the study and ethical... Continue Reading →

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